Innovative heating equipment cleaning technology based on bacteria. Find out how using our product will help you save money       

Bonaka - is a solution based on innovation and biotechnology

General technological effect

Bonaka cleans 98% of the deposit even in the most difficult to access parts of the equipment.
Safe for the equipment
Bonaka solution is harmless towards metals, plastic, plastic fittings and other materials.
Ecologically sustainable
Safe for human, animal and environment in general.
Creates protective layer
Prevents new deposit from forming on cleaned surfaces.
No special utilization requirements
Spent solution itself is non-toxic and biodegradable, can be flushed straight to wastewater (according to internal rules and regulations).
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Types of equipment that can be cleaned with Bonaka


- Steam
- Water-heating
- Exhaust heat boilers
- Economizers 

Heat exchangers

- Shell-and-tube
- Section-type
- Coiled
- Spiral-type
- Plate-type 

Heating systems

- Open type
- Closed type
- Fan coils 


- Evaporators
- Oil coolers
- Turbine condensers
- Water-cooling towers
- Reactors
- Columns 

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